WTAF what the actual fuck.

WTAF what the actual fuck.

Like seriously what the actual fuck.

I really love the way this statement feels. 

So hows things for you? hows life? I am still painting. It has almost been 19 years now, I know this because my daughter is almost 19 and this was when I started to paint, when she was born. I had no idea about art at all. Its taken me this long to start to learn about art because I'm not brilliantly gifted like those amazing people who can just draw. I've had to work at it and figure things out..

Did you know I walked the streets of Sydney with my resume 8 years ago and visited 10 art galleries that I felt my artworks were best suited. I had imagery of my artworks,a brilliant resume, I was dressed really nice, I had business cards and I had a great mindset ect ect. The image is me standing in front of a Ken Done artwork, before I visited 10 galleries in Sydney. My mascara was in tact at that point in time.

I got 10 fat no's. I got rejected and turned away by every single gallery not too mention the feelings of feeling really inferior and basically like shit. WTAF.

I cried silently all the way home on the train, from Central station to Bulli. I was so done with art. I was also very angry at the world and on top of that I had to tell my family and husband I was rejected by all 10 galleries. I felt defeated and ashamed.

Its weird. I'm almost proud of that story now because I understand the process a little more. I wasn't ready, I didn't really have enough artworks backed up in my studio and I didn't understand what process I needed to go through.

Being with a gallery means building a relationship first. The galleries need to know who you are, that's the first thing and maybe this means turning up to shows, so they start to see your face. Also, potentially getting into art prizes this will mean you will start to be recognized for the work your doing.  I have found doing workshops and being taught by good painters has got me into a nice circle of mentors and they continue to give me chunks of wisdom.

I have friends that are happy to paint and not be with galleries. They don't want to be controlled as such.They are happy with the art fairs and selling their own art and financially they make around the same amount of money due to the 50% that galleries take for their part of their services.  I wont be diving into this entirely today, this will have to be another blog.

Blog, blog, bloggin.

So you see how no path that you take is wrong and how my experience of rejection gave me wisdom, knowledge and courage ?

Life is about what you want, do you want gallery representation or do you want to sell yourself? You can also have a little bit of both.

So........drumroll........... What do you want? and WTAF is this thing we call life really all about?





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