Collection: The marks that form us - Print Series

Here is a little bit about my 2023 figurative series.

The marks that form us……..

Every woman carries marks, both those that are visually seen and those unseen—the obvious marks are the ones that catch the eye effortlessly. Scars, beauty spots, birthmarks, blemishes, freckles, wrinkles, tattoos, C-section scars, sunspots—the list goes on.

But what about the marks within? The marks that only you know about. The marks that sometimes occupy our thoughts or create dreams?

My figurative art delves into these very marks. The ones that are drawn from the inside .The way I try to  capture and express these kind of marks is my creative expression. I start with mark making. Some marks are bold, heavy and expressive, while others possess a gentle more curved, and calming quality. Each of us is comprised of these marks, the extent varying depending on the course of our lives and the experiences we have lived through.

I know that we can carry marks of shame, marks of love, marks of laughter, marks buried deep in guilt, or marks that highlight moments of love or marks that make us feel lost and helpless—maybe even marks that celebrate pure and utter joy.

Through my art, I recognize these incredible loose forgiving marks that lead me back into the figurative form. I sit back and look for a long while until I see a form start to take shape from all the lines and marks that I’ve intuitively made.

Marks are the storytellers of my work, and marks are in all of us. Without the marks of life’s journey without really living the very foundation of my art itself, would lack substance. By bringing these marks to light I seek the truth and reality of what it’s like to be human and to embrace the innate beauty that resides within us all.

Marks make us, they form us and they can be embraced with understanding forgiveness and most of all love.

These artworks are PRINTS framed ready to hang with a courier included.

Nude Series for circa 64 for any of the originals artworks they can be found here -

The Originals are $1800.





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