Alice Springs 2019

On May the 24th - 31st I went on an art adventure trip to The Alice, this is where myself and 13 others were introduced to Idris Murphy our art teacher and mentor for the entire time.

Hes the kind of teacher that throws you overboard and makes you swim to shore, the type of teacher that you wont ever forget.

Idris knows a good picture from a bad one and he taught me composition / colour / foreground background he also explained to me that there is a particular language that is spoken and how to tell your story through paint.

I remember him looking directly into my eyes calm and collected and saying "what is it exactly that your trying to say?'

So after a few days of just sitting and looking falling apart and then re grouping myself I found my language.

My language is a lot like me. I couldn't escape my rudimental naive and uninhibited style.

I like to try and express my feelings and thoughts unselfconsciously and without restraint.

I was told by a few including Idris that I am the "innovative" one and thats just perfect to me!

My artworks from the Alice are all mini in size measuring 20cm x 20cm they will come professionally framed in a black oak timber with a  7-10cm matt boarder.They are really special and no prints of these original minis will be printed.Know that you are the only one with this original from Alice.

These artworks have the essence of the desert and I hope that you can appreciate my story and language however it is that you see it.