Eva and Skye

Amanda Sky and Myself have put together a beautiful collection of intuitive art.

We are both very intuitive artists and as I paint my backgrounds layering each layer with absolute freedom, imagery starts to emerge. This is where I hand the art over to my friend Amanda Skye' knowing and trusting 'that something magical will show up.

Amanda will sit back get still and see all kinds of imagery through the art, just like my process. As she burns her sage in her studio things start to emerge.

Amanda paints animals in a way that they look as if they are sitting or standing right in front of you. I don't paint like this and Amanda isn't like me that's why together we fly! Its a 2 part collaboration.

For this reason being different to each other , is why we both feel our collaboration is perfect! We are on the same wave riding it together seeing beauty and sharing it with you. We hope you will love our new designs............. oh and yes......... we are currently working on more right now as we speak ,Amanda is seeing a blue whale and well........you will just have to wait and see........

Enjoy xo