Millie the owl - Original Artwork

  • $850.00
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This was our very first artwork that we collaborated on together to see if we were going to be a good fit.........turns out we are!

This artwork shares the spirit of Amanda's  Daughter and I think we actually said it at the same time - "Millie the owl" and then we giggled. This is  how we got the idea to name our artworks after our family and friends. We name the art after the artwork is complete. Its all a natural merge.

The owl has a spirit animal represents a deep connection with wisdom.

“A wise and precious owl lived in an oak. The more she saw the less she spoke. The less she spoke the more she heard. This is why she is a clever little bird" 

Wisdom isn't loud or abrupt it is kind and centered. Wisdom hears things and picks up on things that others usually don't.The owl doesn't miss out on anything!

The owl is known for its sharp vision watching seeing and listening to everything. The owl has the gift of intuition and can sense things before they take place.

Do you appreciate wisdom and need a little centering?

Millie the owl is a beautiful heart felt uplifting artwork that we really hope you will enjoy.She is pretty kind and gentle. 

True wisdom is the ability to be become aware of action and thought at the same time. It is the ability to take the higher road in the weighing of which choice is most beneficial for all.

This is the original artwork it measures 42 x 30 cm and is $850

Millie will measure larger when framed and be priced at $950.

You can choose your frame being either  white black or oak with a white boarder . So after purchasing  just let us know what frame you would like. We can send you an image of what the frame will look like prior to having it framed and simply pay for framing when its complete.

this piece framed or unframed will come couriered to your door with tracking at no ectra cost

Its a little hard to let go of this little beautiful artwork but we both know she needs to fly to someone special.