Host a Corporate Workshop

Host a Corporate Workshop

  • $999.00
Tax included.

Are you looking for something different to do for your team? 

Thinking about playing with some paint? 

Holly Eva offers a unique experience for corporate groups wanting to have

fun with paint and to put a bit of colour and imagination into your day.


So how can creating a painting benefit your team?

    • It unveils a sense of fearlessness in people that we don't see everyday so your team gets a powerful insight to one another including themselves.
    • Being vulnerable allows us to stay connected it grounds us and then we are able to hold a certain amount of compassion for one another so we share in our vulnerabilities.
    • Painting can stir an inner confidence and happiness that we didn't know existed, when you have team members that are confident anything is achievable!
    • Everyone paints differently so to accept these differences also brings a team together.


This workshop runs for 3-4 hr

I ask you to provide materials. Canvas /paints / Glue / Scissors /brushes / doilies /spraypaints ect there is a list I supply for you to purchase. there are many options with supplies.

I like everyone to Paint Big so the canvas or board size is -  120cm x 90cm. The team at the end of the workshop can keep their own painting and take it home or choose to maybe collaborate the art and hang it in your workplace as a memory of their creative brilliance! 

5 – 10 people : the cost per person is $99

11 – 20 people : the cost is $69

The organizer – head principle or director of the booking is free.

Don't make a booking straight away please start by sending me an email and I will be sure to reply within a few days.

I can be contacted on m: 0414 894 538 or emailed on :


Hope to hear from you soon!