Original Art


 Welcome this is the original art section where all the art listed on here is original.

I have contemplated and performed many changes and moves regarding the art and its outcome. No one has interfered with my process (I have asked no one for their advice or opinions) it is honest raw and authentic.

It is unique in the world and no identical painting exists. iI you asked me to paint the same art again it would be impossible so now you understand why original art is precious.

I love to know that my clients have the original and they will also be happy to know that each year as I am painting my main goal as a painter is to keep growing as an artist and to keep getting better and better at painting. I am not an artist that will repeat and repeat an idea I allow the paint to give me direction and I am always pushing different ideas and painting up quite a storm.

You can be sure that the investment you make with my originals will keep on increasing.

I now have Zip pay on my website so if you truly love the art, then I hope I can encourage you to use this kind of payment plan to help you with the purchase

There is nothing like Original art and how it can truly lift a space and change the mood.