Butterfly Wing -Original

  • $1,600.00
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I am drawn to the butterfly and the moth because of their individuality and their rare beauty.I Adore their patterns lines and symbols on their wings. I love the transformation the butterfly 

" There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you its going to be a butterfly, only when it wakes up things begin to change."

Its almost a saying that is fitting for sometimes based on  how we live our lives. Are you awake to your own individuality and rare beauty?

Butterfly wing measures 80cm x 80cm.

You will receive and original artwork painted on canvas that has been sealed its is mixed media and it has been box framed with a flush finish in Australian oak . It is completely ready to hang onto the wall . In the image there is a slight lip on the frame but in the flesh its completely flush with the canvas. please message me for more images.

Price $1600 OR $160 per month over 10 months using zip pay.


 If you would like to purchase this piece and you live overseas, postage  will need to be added so please email me your interest so I can place this piece on hold for you.