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 genesis  - Warrior of New beginnings

 She is about seeing hope

She is about seeing love

She is about holding faith (sunflowers)

She is about new growth (flowers)

She is about allowing mistakes (x marks are a symbol of of kindness its ok to be wrong sometimes its how we learn)

She is about inner beauty (this is in her eyes)

Half of her face represents that there are two sides to every story so remember to stay calm

She is about listening to nature (hidden birds)

She is about keeping in balance (her earrings are balanced)

She is about pulling back into positivity (stop jumping into fear with a negative thought process)

She is about making mistakes and being ok with the dreaded outcome (I made so many mistakes and wanted to paint over everything but I remained calm and allowed my pain to work its magic)

She is about diving into the unknown (I had to make big moves because I wasn’t happy with the layers so I re wrote my story and painted over the parts I wasn’t happy with)

She is about feeling the fear any doing it anyway (I dived into my fear and held hope)

She is about resetting re planning and renewing (anything is possible)

She is about understanding what is true value - I painted a quote randomly from the download I received for her and later realised this was painted towards the left side of her brain which control logical sense. Inscripted were the words

“ And so she became seated in her silence everything then became true”

 This warrior woman is about getting calm getting still pulling back into your truth and your positivity seeing hope being love and re writing your story. What do you have to lose ? Especially now in this time of reset 2020 is showing you the opportunities of being your own creator  that you set out out to be and if you become the owner of this painting may she be your reminder to begin your story.

 Measures 76cm x 115cm or 30 x 40 inches

Genesis : the origin of source. The root. The beginning. Commencement. To start to outset to form. To create to shape to generate. The formation of something.

If  the word genesis is written with a capital G then it refers to the first book of the bible if it is written with a lower case g it refers to a non biblical sense which means a beginning.

Postage is free within Australia

Please message me if you would like this original art piece to be sent overseas