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Story Paintings

When I paint I become very Intuitive,Im kinda  really loud and crazy in general but I get really still and quiet when I paint, it is something I cant really explain. Many clients have called me psychic and that’s fine I kinda feel quite blessed that over time I have acquired this ability when I paint.

When I paint freely without any expectation I receive clear messages and a "story" that tells me the meaning of the art. Buyers then contact me and start a conversation about the art and they tell me how they have connected with its story. The art then sells. Its all a natural flow. Its usually not the other way around. Its makes me laugh because its like the movie Field of Dreams "if you build it they will come " its exactly what I do,I paint it and the client comes.

I paint and then sit still and listen. I hold humongous amounts of faith and I reassure myself that I'm not crazy and that these "stories" are meant for someone. In the divine timing  someone will contact me and they honestly do.I then really feel the magic that life offers. Im connected to the divine and it feels right.

Many women and men that have purchased my paintings over the years and have shed tears, no word of a lie I have had one client orgasm and then vomit (yes I know right!) it was a harry met sally moment she then said "I will take it" I have had some that have purchased my art telling me that they have had life changing experiences . For years I wouldn't tell the stories of my paintings until now.......I have nothing to lose and only magic to gain.

Its time now to release a few intuitive "Story Paintings". If you are drawn to a painting but don’t know why – that's perfect ,simply read its story –  If the story lines up with your heart and you are visually relating to the language then it might just be the one for you and if not, no stress, I have made a start on something special just for you and im sure its on its way, this I am certain of xo