Warrior Woman Series

My Warrior woman series started back in 2005 when I became a mother for the first time.

After giving birth to my beautiful daughter Demi and then 18 months later, giving birth to my beautiful son Callum it was a start of a new chapter in my life.

Something in my life was missing, I had no time for myself, all of my time and energy was put into raising two little babies, cooking, cleaning, whilst my husband worked really long hours and most of the time was away driving trucks.

My husband worked really big hours. Sometimes he was gone at 2 am in the morning and didn't get home till 7 pm that night. He would eat dinner that I had prepared and fall asleep on the lounge hugging our kids. I really missed him and our time together, not going to lie our lives drastically changed. I know now that the longing for his attention, and then giving all that I had constantly to my two children, started to eat away at me. I fortunately started to do what came really natural to me, which was painting. It was my alone time that was just for me,  I found this to be so magical.

When I was in high school, I was quite passionate about sport, but what I really loved was art. I remember distinctively my art teacher talking to me and saying "Holly I think you should stick to what you're good at which is sport so maybe become a PE teacher?

I didn't become a PE teacher I travelled overseas and was a gypsy for a while, I did not want to study that was the truth.

When my  kids had their day sleep I started to draw and paint. I brought paints from the hardware store and cheap canvases and I just released everything onto the canvas. It felt amazing ! When my little angels were asleep at night I was doing my house work and hanging clothes on the lines so that all the chores were done so I could paint when they slept in the day. I was organised (because I like to feel organised ) and I sacrificed my nights to be able to paint.

The art I was making was really speaking to me and then the paintings  started to connect and speak to my friends and family, there was a deep connection that I had with these portraits, and I soon came to realize I was painting emotionally. The paintings were a way to feel complete freedom. These paintings lifted my spirit and took me to another place. Art does this to ones spirit if your willing to let go.

I soon realized when I was painting I wasn't worrying about my children or missing my husband too much. I was completely satisfied with my time and I was honouring my imagination, it felt safe and I felt so alive, at the same time.

I knew that I was painting self portraits because they were carrying emotions that I had felt before, and I was offloading my thoughts and feelings into them. It was so cool that I could start to give these portraits meaning and  they made sense. I could name the women tell their story and I talked so easily about what they represented. Women were completely relating to the art it was so thrilling.

If I could be so content painting maybe just maybe I could give this escape to other women as well that loved to paint? I honestly felt that this was my calling. 

It turned out it was. The warrior women workshops took off and  I still teach them to this day. They are extremely intuitive and its a lovely escape, wholeheartedly my workshops allow you the time and space to just dive into you and too really see how incredible you are.
If you would like a framed print of one of these Warriors just message me your request.. Each one is available in print form.