Warrior Woman Series

Every woman has a story.
Welcome to my Warrior Woman Series

Every woman has a story. It may be a story of love. A story of loss. A story of growth. A story of joy. Each unique Warrior Woman I paint is deeply connected to a certain energy, emerging intuitively onto the canvas complete with name and story.

The Women I paint evoke a deep connection reflective of the emotion
channelled into every piece, and captivate with bold, brave and intuitive colour and expressive marks.

The Warrior Woman is a soul-deep part of my story. The series was born in 2005 following the birth of my two children within 18 months. The start of this new life chapter, although beautiful in so many ways, left me feeling that a vital part of myself was completely lost. I was swamped by the new role of mothering and submerged in relentless daily tasks. I felt depressed so I started to paint. My painting sessions were the only thing that made me feel free. When I painted I could honour my creativity and set my imagination on fire. It was the greatest escape. I loved it and craved it.

I juggled household chores, the kids’ day sleeps and activities to make sure I could paint. It was my source of nourishment, of rejuvenation, and of connection with myself. I felt safe, alive, and free in the flow. I disregarded the rules, blocked out opinions and simply allowed the art to respond to my soul. I quickly recognised that I was intrinsically connected to these Warrior Women from the moment of each brush stroke. All of my warrior women are self-portraits, surfacing from deep within. Women connect with these aspects of myself as women are all connected, we seem to just understand.  I receive what I call "the download" when I paint. I cannot tell you how or even begin to explain the stories that emerge but I trust them. I receive a story with a name and a richly woven message for each painting.

Women and friends related to the art in a deeply emotional way. In the Warrior Women, they recognized their own self or their sisters, their daughters, their childhood friend, their mothers within my paintings. Inspired to share this gift of validation and creation, the next stage of Warrior Woman was born: the Warrior Woman Workshops.

Here, women can intuitively feel past their limiting beliefs and express themselves -
perhaps tell their own story - by painting their own unique Warrior Woman artwork in a  safe and supportive space. Its emotional, fearless and my workshops and retreats get fully booked out.

On this page you can purchase my warrior women as Prints. Your welcome to head on over to my workshop link for more details on my workshops.