Wheels of E- motion


Artist Holly Eva

“Wheels of E- motion.”


King and Ayres in Wollongong wanted artists to capture the spirit of Wollongong in co-junction with the Bike Ride event called “ride of your life”.

I decided to paint colour wheels in an abstract form. The wheels are like little colourful pieces of pie. Each coming together forming a circle. Each part of the pie started to feel like the human spirit representing personality, and how we as people fit in with family, friends and within the community.

As the paint took over, I started to question where I fit in? Where do I sit in life’s big colour wheel?  What piece of pie am I? What colour would I be? Do my colours change? Does my role change around certain people? Are my wheels moving slowly or fast? What other wheels are surrounding me? What objects are passing me by?

I’ve called the series Wheels of E-motion because these paintings are filled with emotion. They are meant to be messy they are meant to show layers of honesty and they are designed to stir creativity. Life is messy, life has many layers and life is full of emotion.

For me the paintings have also been about letting go. Letting go and to be in the motion of moving forwards in my own life. To not to put a label on things as such, but rather figure out who I want to be.  Each painting has been hand painted and thought has gone into each piece along with a pinch of stillness.

I hope the art moves something inside of you and I also hope you realize just how precious you are because……..you are.


 6 Artworks framed professionally ready to hang.

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