Group Mentoring

 A 6-Week Journey of Self-Discovery through Group Art Mentoring.

Week 1: "Why Are You Painting?"

  • Session 1: Introductions and Artistic Intent

    • Welcome and icebreakers to build a supportive group atmosphere.
    • Discuss participants' motivations for joining the program and their personal goals in art.
    • Why are you painting?
    • Guided reflection on the deeper reasons behind participants' desire to paint.
    • Group discussion on the power of intention in artistic expression.

Week 2: "What Is My Art Saying?"

  • Session 2: Artistic Expression and Communication

    • Exploring the language of art and how it communicates emotions and messages.
    • Participants analyze their own artworks and discuss the narratives they convey.
    • Finding deeper meaning into participants' artworks.
    • Staying true to who you are and why this is so important.
    • Creative writing about our own art.

Week 3: "Do I Want Galleries or Selling on My Own?"

  • Session 3: Navigating the Art Market

    • Overview of different avenues for showcasing art: galleries, independent selling, online platforms, etc.
    • Discussion on the pros and cons of each option.
    • Guided reflection on participants' aspirations for exhibiting or selling their art.
    • Individual and group discussions on the challenges and rewards of different paths.

Week 4: "Confident About Your Art"

  • Session 4: Building Artistic Confidence

    • Identifying and overcoming self-doubt in the artistic process.
    • Group exercises to boost confidence and encourage a positive mindset.
    • Learning to give and receive constructive criticism.

Week 5: "What Can I Do and Am I Doing Enough?"

  • Session 5: Maximizing Artistic Potential

    • Strategies for enhancing artistic skills and pushing creative boundaries.
    • Individualized advice on areas for improvement.
    • Participants assess their current artistic practices and identify areas for refinement or expansion.
    • Goal-setting for personal artistic growth with social media.

Week 6: "What's the Plan Going Forwards?"

  • Session 6: Developing a Sustainable Artistic Plan

    • Guided planning for the future, including short-term and long-term artistic goals.
    • Actionable steps for participants to implement in their artistic journey.
    • Clear direction of how to move forwards and how to get closer to my desired goal.

 This program is designed to foster self-discovery, confidence, and strategic planning within a supportive group environment.