Chiara – The Joyful Warrior


Chiara РThe Joyful Warrior. You are bright, clear minded and well known by many. You are a good friend to have because you are generous and will always lend a helping hand to those in need.

You are unafraid to wear large fashionable hats and you love eating out. Tea parties and functions night clubs and birthdays – you name it you are there. You love a great party and you don’t¬†mind being the centre of attention you are a natural star. You hold really good conversation your intelligent and really beautiful.

You are deep and meaningful – you are anything but fake. Your intentions are clear and that is to serve others. Enjoy hanging this warrior up if you relate to her personality. She is strikingly beautiful.


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Chiara – The Joyful Warrior


Chiara means bright and clear. She is the joyful warrior always lighting up the room when she walks in. She is a friend to many and is generous with her time and company. She is social and fun and brings a joyful spirit to everyone she meets.

This is a Poster size large print that Measures 60cm x 90cm.

This print is printed on 200gsm paper and will arrive rolled up in a postage tube.

I can custom print any of my artworks into the size you are wanting so please email me if you want a particular size for your home, office, event or gift.

I also provide a service that offers Art collectors and buyers a “Fine Art Print’ that is printed upon Archival papers the traditional way. You will need to email me for more information regarding my Fine Art Prints.



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