Embrace You – Taryn Brumfitt Inspired


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Dont we all just feel like crap sometimes –

Our hairs not straight enough hips to big thighs to flabby nose not straight breast too small too short too fat too thin too this too that!!

STOP!!!! this artwork represents the woman as a whole and all her imperfections is what makes her perfect  – so hang it in a space where you can see it – where you  will be reminded to reshape  negative thinking into positive thinking – place flowers in your hair run free on the beach barefoot – do whatever life calls you to do but most of all EMBRACE YOU you are perfect just the way you are and its all our imperfections that make us beautifully perfect.


Size is 60cm x 90cm and will come sent via Australia post

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Taryn Brumfitt Inspired me to paint this gorgeous warrior woman – why? – Because………..

Taryn has taught me to change the way we think about our bodies – to look at all the positives our bodies have to offer us, instead of perfection and let me tell you perfection is so overrated and very very boring like the perfect house or the perfect child or the perfect woman! it just doesn’t exist! Whats perfect are the imperfections. Whats perfect is honesty, so enjoy this artwork hanging in your home its honest intuitive and inspired by the gorgeous Taryn Brumfitt! if your unsure of who Taryn brumfitt is she can be found here  https://www.tarynbrumfitt.com/


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