Host a Hollyeva



Well helloooo! If your keen on Hosting a Hollyeva you will need to make a start by contacting me with your location and plan

Also read the description below.

After discussing your vision for your tribe with me, simply make a deposit of $199 this will confirm your booking.

I hope to be meeting with you soon to paint up a bright and colourful storm because painting really is just a beautiful dance with some crazy chaos.









Want a host a Hollyeva?

So how does hosting a Hollyeva workshop Run?

If you would like to hold a workshop then you are classed as the host and you host it from your home or workplace. The host doesn’t pay anything. Yep that’s right ! the host gets a freeby! The host however provides lunch or you can ask everyone to bring lunch and just provide tea and coffee this is totally up to you.

Here are my rules when you book it in:

We need a space in your home example – garage – under a car port – backyard if it’s a nice sunny day – lounge room or office – but keep it mind it is messy so an outdoor undercover area is always best

You will need a minimum of 5 friends / family or workmates

I do have my limits and ten people is my limit! No more than 10 people are to be invited – anymore than ten it becomes less personalised. I like to give quality time to everyone.

COST is $99 per person  with a down payment of $199 this books the workshop in with me.

Duration is 4 hours – 10am til 2pm weekdays or anytime during weekends – you can contact me to organise a specific time.

My workshops are intuitive. My style is designed to really free you up of any fears around painting, I am not traditional Im more about self expression through paint.

We can either paint a warrior woman /an intuitive piece/an abstract collage or an animal artwork that is bright and cheerful – my latest pieces are my Skull paintings you may even opt to do one of those!I also paint the figurative form and can teach nudes as well.

What to bring?

Lets all share the the paints its so much cheaper! Below is a class list of what your tribe will share!

 I try and make the list really affordable so we can just be free and have fun.

I cannot wait to meet with you to see what unfolds with my teachings I will easily open up your creative genius and allow the paint to just flow and do its thang!


2 old drop sheets per person – bed sheets are perfect from the op shop or your own linen cupboard!

Water container per person – old jar plastic cup or an old coffee mug will do

Canvas – any brand will do the size needs to be 60cm x 90cm these prices range from $30 – $60 so call up a few places before making your purchase.

House paints – If you have 5 people coming then you will need 10 pots of water-based house paints – an assorted colour range – just choose great and fabulous colours to paint with (get the screw tops not the tin lids) Bunnings is good for house paints. The 250mls size is fine.

Spray paints – lets have some fun with these! If you have 5 ppl coming then get 5 spray cans bright colours are good!

Acrylic paints – 10 tubes of acrylic paints will serve 5 people. Again, the brand is up to you I like to just get an in between the low and highly prices paints. These are found in any art supply store and cost around $7 per tube. These paints make the artwork Pop with colour.

Paintbrushes – each person will need a small and a medium sized brush so perhaps get 2 packets and split them up

Thin rubber gloves – these are found in Bunnings a box is usually around $8

Wear old clothes and no jewellery – old thongs or sneakers

Doilies   – these are found in the op shops – these make fabulous stencils!

Oil pastels – a packet of inexpensive oil pastels these are found in art supply shops

I will bring white and black pots of paint and also white and black spray paint so don’t get these shades. I want you to get excited about colour!


when you get everything just divide the cost with your mates!

Drop sheets –

Water container –

Canvas 60cm x 90cm

House paint 10 pots per 5 ppl

acrylic paint 10 tubes per 5 ppl

spray paint 5 cans per 5 people

paintbrushes 2 each 1 thick 1 thin

gloves 1 pair each

old clothes

doilies 1 per person is fine and we rotate them around

oil pastels 1 packet


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