JUNE – Abstract Workshop “Inside Out”


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Hello Creatives – Im glad you have found me here and I hope you will join me!

This is an abstract workshop where you will be creating a large piece of art that is filled with all the marks and scrapings lines and messy drips that our hearts carry through our everyday lives. Its nice to paint in the stillness of of an art room and to also dance laugh and be merry to music! I am going to hit you up with everything from being still to doing some stretches.

In my workshops we let our guards down become quite earthed and play like kids so be prepared for a fun day!  I will also give you the ups and downs that most artist face – the part when we feel completely out of control then we somehow we pull the art together and make it work.

experienced or not experienced painters you are all welcome however you must be over the age of 16 because we do use swear words and  drop the occasional F bomb.

Where – Levers –30 Flinders St, Wollongong 

Date – 9th of June

TIME  – 9am til 3pm

Levers sell all the products needed in this workshop and I will also be supplying paints.

You will need : 120cm x 120cm canvas or close to this size

assorted paintbrushes some thick and some thin

palette or old plate

an old bed sheet or drop sheet

plastic water container to rinse your brushes

inexpensive Oil pastels

3 tubes of really good quality paint – make sure these are the colours you are wanting mainly in your artwork as you can see my colours are aqua orange and brown

a tube of black and a tube of white paint.

one glue stick


wear old clothes

  • bring any paints you have at home laying around – I am going to bring alot of juicy house paint for the entire class to use and I will bring in a fabulous scraping tool for all those who sign up as well

A class list will be available at levers to buy everything you need.if you would like to contact me regrding any

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As you can see in my painting I have a repeated pattern being a “leaf.” I would like you to take the time to think about something you are attracted to. It might be a seashell a circle a love heart or dragon fly. take some time before the class to think about something you can paint and then repeat.

Think of a form that you can paint over and over again. Search that image or illustration on google and draw it a few times with a pen or pencil. Do you like it? what does it mean to you? what does the shape or form say about you?

I cannot wait for you to share this form or illustration in class. Feel free to bring a few printed images of the thing you love we may collage with it.


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