Painting the Warrior Woman Art Workshop


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Painting the Warrior Woman – FULL DAY ART WORKSHOP IN APPIN

The perfect gift for Christmas. 

LOCATION – Burke Street Appin NSW 2560. We will be painting in a scout hall surrounded by bushlands in a township called Appin.

DATE – Sunday 14 January 2018

This is a self-portrait workshop where you will intuitively paint you – the Warrior Woman from your own heart.

I will teach you how to emotionally make marks then intuitively seek out your very own creative Warrior Woman on a large canvas measuring 120cm x 90cm.

I will teach you how to paint your warrior from within – from the inside out. I will teach you how to see the warrior, how to feel her freedom and how to accept her just as she is. I will also teach you how to paint freely – going with the flow of your creative expression.

One of the techniques you will learn is what I call “beating the brain”. Beating the brain is to not listen to the inner critic that will tell you “you aren’t good enough” or that “you must be crazy to believe you can paint”.

Real happiness for me is in the love and the joy that we share with others so I look so forward in bringing to you, this very special workshop on how you too can paint with love and without judgement your own Warrior Woman.

After many years working with all types of women just below the surface there is a Warrior Woman inside us all that seeks to be seen in all her glory even if its just for one moment. She is there in the stillness. I can teach you how painting her allows you to be liberated from the myth that you are not creative and that you cannot paint and that you are not good enough. Its time to create without shame or judgement. Its time for you to truly see your inner creativity and to discover that you too can paint something magical.

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 What you will need to bring with you:

Art supply shops such as Ekersleys / Levers / Riot art and craft sell these products

  • Assorted acrylic paints at least 5 of your favourite colours plus a black and a white. The acrylic paints usually come in tubes and you can decide if you want to use children’s paints or a more expensive brand of paint or to buy something in between. This decision is yours to make.
  • You will need a canvas that measures 120cm x 90cm or as close enough to this as possible.
  • An assortment of paint brushes these usually come in a pack with medium sized brushes small and some thick.
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • You will need 4 cans of spray paint again any colours that you love.  (Super Cheap Auto is where I buy my spray paint but they do sell beautiful colours in Bunnings or in the art supply stores mentioned above.)
  • 3 different doilies and anything that you can use as a stencil  – I go to the op shops and buy doilies – this we use to spray paint on the canvas. I also like to spray paint over large feathers. In the workshop I will teach you how to make your own stencil and to use that so don’t worry too much.

OPTIONAL – only if you have an easel please bring this.

Search you own home for these items:

  • A palette to put your paint on – I use old bread boards or an old plate.
  • 2 old bed sheets as your paint drops – or these can be found in the op shop.
  • A cup for water – I use a recycled jar.
  • A spay bottle – an empty old windex bottle is perfect.
  • Wear old clothes, no expensive jewellery, old shoes.


LUNCH – Holly will be providing morning tea which will be a healthy cheese and biscuit platter along with tea hot chocolate and coffee throughout the day. Holly will also be providing afternoon tea which will be a cake of sort and fruit so please bring your own lunch like a sandwich or a salad and a water bottle.







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