2 Day Intuitive Painting Workshop - Berry

  • $600.00
Tax included.

The intuitive painter.

This is a 2 day workshop on the 15th and 16th of May. Location is the Berry School of Arts which is 19 Alexandra St Berry. Time is 10am - 4pm daily.

A catered lunch and all materials are also included - you just need to show up!

You also will receive a large 90cm x 120cm canvas to paint on and you obviously get to take your painting home with you!

Acrylic paints are all included, oil pastels, your very own journal, your own set of paint brushes and my tuition.

I will also supply an easel for you to work on while standing up.

Please wear painting clothes and comfortable shoes. 

Intuitive Painting is all about tapping into the inner creative genius that lives within you. This workshop will allow me to be your artistic guide as well as help you to discover possibilities and realize your own potential. The experience of being presently painting is more important than the outcome, which will be explained before we all dive in.

I am not concerned about anyone's talent, what you have done, and what you have achieved - I am interested in seeing how you paint your emotions, whether your a closed or open person, art creates an opportunity for self expression for everyone. 

Are you ready to trust? Are you ready to deeply listen to yourself? Are you ready to fail and to surrender? Art dives deeper than the paintbrush. Questions like these found throughout my art often aligns with my personal engagement in the world and how I currently may be feeling - happy, sad, angry or confused. What questions will arise in your artwork?

My Intuitive guide may allow you to bend all the rules and go beyond the voices of your ego. You may hear the voice of the strong inner warrior, the one who awaits to be heard in the silence.

There will be no agenda, judgement or subject matter, just you and the paint and a gentle guide from me.