Anne - Bronte Sisters Collection

  • $550.00
Tax included.

Inspired by the “Brontë sisters” who were all poets in the 19th century.
This is Anne she was born 1820
She measures A3 in size and is original. She is set on a timber frame that measures 16 x 20 inches .
Her price is $550 This will include courier.
Anne is romantic kind and loving.

here is her full story on how she came about :

I painted and finished 3 female random portraits all women / 1 blonde 2 brunette. I sometimes ask my daughter to name my art because she comes up with beautiful names.

She said “mum you have painted the Brontë sisters”

I said who are they ?

She said they were all poets and they belonged to the 19th century

We could both see similarities in my work to what the sisters looked like and their names are Charlotte Emily and Anne.

So that’s how these new portrait tribal warriors got their names.All 3 women were strong they were survivors in that era.

I love how these “things” just happen in life.  

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