Pretty Peacock

Pretty Peacock

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This is a story about a beautiful peacock who loves a good belly laugh with mates and loves colourful things in her life, You live your her life to the fullest.

Nothing really is missing you understand the term living in the present moment and you love getting your nails done.

You have a few lucky numbers and the peacock is your animal totem of course!

Aqua is one of your favourite colours, you try not to think too much and you spontaneously act most of the time. This makes you really fun to hang out with

You haven't had too bad of a trauma in your life that has effected you too badly, because there's nothing you cannot handle.

You have a lover and he is devoted to you.........this painting is only small a4 in size I can organise framing for you or you can simply have this posted to you

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