Fearless Warrior Workshop
Fearless Warrior Workshop
Fearless Warrior Workshop
Fearless Warrior Workshop
Fearless Warrior Workshop
Fearless Warrior Workshop
Fearless Warrior Workshop
Fearless Warrior Workshop

Fearless Warrior Workshop

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Hello my fine warriors! 

We will be painting an intuitive warrior portrait in an artist way. No rules just freedom.

This class is limited to only 6 Creatives because I wanted to make this intimate giving you time and allowing all questions to be full filled.

If you would like to experience a day of letting go of outcomes and releasing a few stresses around art then this workshop is for you. If you havn't painted in a while and would like a direction on portrait freedom painting, then this is also for you. If you love being guided by your intuition and your creativity has been shoved down for a while then this is for you.


For this class I will be supplying -

*Easel and a chair 

* Spray paint.

* Lunch

* Collage sheets to cut and glue down

* baby wipes for spills



Here is a list of what you will need :

A canvas that measures 101 x 76cm or close enough too this size. please dont buy a square canvas it needs to be rectangle.

A set of acrylic paints. You choose your own colours please bring a minimum of 5 paints plus a black and a white. I don't care what brand of paints you buy.

I can teach you how to mix colours and we can also add white to make lighter shades.

Please bring a set of oil pastels just kids ones are fine. Or alternatively a cheap packet of crayons, as we draw squiggly lines to loosen up in the beginning of the class.

Water cup to hold your brushes and water in.

Old plate or palette, This can also be an old chopping board or paper plate.

Brushes just a mixed variety of sizes will be great. You can buy a packet of brushes and usually they have a mix of small and medium and large sized ones.

Crochet Doilie as a stencil. I love using doilies to spray paint with.

Glue stick


Old drop sheet.

Wear old painting clothes.

If you are struggling with this list I can purchase everything for you for an extra fee of $250 and bring it with me. So you just turn up. Just use the drop down box at the checkout and purchase the workshop for $470.


WHERE - 3 Victoria st Wollongong - KING AND AYRES

WHEN - 1st of March

TIME -9.30am  - 2.30pm we tried to make this within school hours.

Lunch will be provided on this day so if you have any food allergies please let us know. We can cater to Gluten free and Dairy free.

I am looking forwards to a wonderful creative experience and my goal is that you paint something heartfelt to hang in your desired space and each time you look at this beautiful warrior painting, I hope that it motivates you and encourages you to simply just be yourself.


Lets lose ourselves in creativity and paint soulfully. No plans just you and the paint.


I hope to see you there.