Brave Journey

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So your the peacock!

Its time to shine and to fluff up your feathers - This painting is all about being comfortable in the skin your in. You have hope in your heart and you wear this with pride. You wear your heart on your sleeve so to speak and its a good thing.

If you are reading this you are really humble and wise. Its brave of you to hold hope and to show your heartbreaks to everyone. You are fearless, who knows what you going to conquer next!

You have been in love and this doesn't frighten you in any way. Your currently on a strong empathetic journey, you need some patience but I need to tell you just how divine and beautiful you are.

Light candles because this heals your wounded heart.

Meditate this calms your spirit and always dance to music, you love it.

Want to find out more about the peacock? She is only small in size similar to that of an A4 sized paper she will be easy to frame or I can organise framing for you

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