Warrior or Eve

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Eve was tempted by the Apple so the legend speaks and yes you have temptation in your life but.........what happens is .....its more like you have a quick thought  to engage in short-term urges for enjoyment, and what this does it threatens your long term desired goals. 

Your drawn to this artwork because this tends to happen in your life. You make really quick choices instead of putting your whole thought into it.

She will be your reminder to have delayed gratification.Choosing to have something now might make you feel really really good, but making the effort to have discipline and to start to really understand and manage your impulses can result in a bigger future for you.

You need some help to improve your self-control and this artwork stands for Eve and acts as your reminder to not be tempted by the apple.

You can do it and you will.

This artwork is original and very small similar to that of A4 in size you can frame it or I can organise framing for you

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