Emu in the Stars

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Idris took us all out of camp where we needed to walk away from any light even the camp fire.

We walked a fair bit until were out in the middle of a dirt road with no light surrounding us - it was really really dark and the sky was spray painted with stars.

He said now everyone look up into the sky until you can still spot the Emu in the Sky. I saw it straight away and was blown away!

I’ve looked at the night sky all my life, and never seen it.

The Emu is stretched across the Milky Way. Look closely at the the Southern Cross and you'll see its head as a dark circle near the bottom left hand corner of the constellations. Its neck passes between the two pointer stars, and its dark body stretches the length of our galaxy.
The Emu in the Sky has featured in Aboriginal storytelling for thousands of years.

It’s not the stars you need to look at - it’s the dark space in between the stars !

Many different indigenous groups have their own interpretation of the Emu's heavenly fate, and its eggs But it was incredible to actually see the emu shape - it was massive and there’s no mistaking it

Because we have so much light not sure if you can see it from your back yard but it’s worth a try.

Because of the stars in this artwork I have called it the "Emu in the stars" as a memory of the whats up in the night sky.

This is an original artwork 20cm x 20cm in size. The matt board measure 7-10 cm with a black oak timber frame around the matt. 

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