Coral Sea

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So much life is in this artwork so this is all about longevity and living your life to the fullest.

As you probably know the sea turtle lives up to 150 years! This painting is also about good health and the right food choices. Food is really important to you and to your friends and family. Food effects you and your mood and the way you love so this painting will be a reminder of this. "You are what you eat"

The hard shell that a turtle has reminds you of how strong minded you are. You are not stubborn your strong in your mind so don't take notice of others telling you that you are stubborn because your not.

Your shell is beautiful its your perseverance and protection. Your body is your temple and its so great that you love it and have an understanding of its importance.Keep on rocking that body!

The painting is of a sea turtle and its child

You have a child. Swimming is one of the best things your can do with your child, water is cleansing and healing and it will bring you closer.,the water teaches us to be safe and to be respectful so any chance you can get to swim with your child then definitely do so........

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This painting  measures 100cm x 100cm depending where you live there will be a cost to courier this artwork so be sure to let me know your postcode for a quote