Eva the Original

Eva the Original

  • $850.00
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This had to be Holly - we were sure of it...Holly adores the colours and the peacock is just filled with colour and vibrancy.

Holly loves the mixture of detail and movement in this piece .We laughed because Holly is bold ,colourful and full of life,so naturally this was going to be called Eva without a doubt.
The art is a symbol of beauty integrity honor and trust, these aspects I could certainly lean towards and feel more in my life.

Its mesmerizing colors and the "thousand eyes" on its tail
promote fame and good luck in Feng shui and enhance one's protection and awareness.

This is the original artwork it measures 42 x 30 cm and is $850, it will be larger once framed 52cm x 40cm. This is an original artwork on paper that will come framed.

We hope this original goes to someone special that loves colour and honours imagination.