Ruby the Flamingo - Original

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 Ruby's Story

Ever feel like your too scared to be you? Too shy to show your individuality ,your
unique quirks that make you you?, almost like you can never be yourself ? Ruby is here! Ruby is the flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

Ruby Measures 55cm x 70cm when framed. Ruby is breaking through , she teaches you to break through and appreciate your individuality.

Be strong ,be different , be proud ! Ruby is filled with the loving colours of pinks and to rich reds. She also has brown tones and  speckles of gold

Ruby will enrich you. Red is the colour of passion ,pink is the colour of love yourself . Spoil yourself with the riches of life .

As soon as you make your purchase Ruby will be sent via Courier with tracking.

This price includes her framing and courier costs.

She truly is an absolute darling.