dance  Original

dance Original

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This is an Original Artwork measuring 150cm x 120cm

Fisherman’s wife 
Can you see the large fish on her head?

 As I sit in absolute wonder about my paintings questioning them they start talking to me. They tell me the story.
After mark making for many weeks I then see a woman staring at me with a fish upon her head -Do I go with this crazy idea or fight against this image that is speaking to me ever so strongly?

Over my time as an artist I have learnt to always go with the instinct of what I intuitively see because this is where the magic is.


“The fisherman and his wife” have you heard of it? The moral of the story is that a person must be thankful for what he/ she has and not always want more, because it becomes impossible for him/ her to ever be satisfied. In the story a fisherman catches an enchanted fish and his wife demands wishes. After many wishes she ends up back in their original home / shack.

Those who do not appreciate the simple things in life like are likely to not have the capacity to appreciate anything and are destined to live a life deprived of joy.
This painting has the essence and knowledge of knowing the difference between greed and gratefulness. As you see the woman with the fish upon her head know you are selfless grateful and giving.

It is a raw edged canvas so if you would like me to have this box framed simply email me your interest and I can pop this piece on hold.

If you live in Australia She is ready to hang in your space and will come delivered via Pack and Send Australia,

Feel free to use zip pay, Happy Shopping!

 If you would like to purchase this piece and you live overseas, postage  will need to be added.So please email me your interest so I can place this piece on hold for you.