Host a Holly Eva

  • $499.00
Tax included.

Host a Holly Eva is a creative painting gathering that you host.

You can host if from your own backyard or work venue or garage this is totally up to you.

You get some friends over and I will turn up at your venue to teach an art workshop to you and your friends.

My rate is $499 per for 4 hours of tuition. So all you need to do is get 5 friends over and they each pay $99 each but you as the host you get it fro free.

As the host you get the tuition for free! 

As the host you might want to supply tea and refreshments but this is up to you some hosts get everyone to bring a plate that we all share or we can order pizza?

Painting is never about what your going to end up with it’s a realisation of what you already have.

I offer you Insight. Insight to gain understanding. When you have understanding your able to move forwards with clarity and are able to deal with life a lot better. So you see how thinking about the end result of a painting doesn't really have anything to do with my workshops its more about releasing and revealing.

In addition to painting I will also provide you with a visual  warrior meditation that is designed to honour the imagination and we also start the workshop with an introductory seated circle. This is how I start to connect with you all which bonds us all together so we remain wholeheartedly honest throughout the workshop. Its really fun!

I send you a class list of what to bring ie. canvas paints doilies and spray paint glue scissors ect.....and we book it in. You can also let me know if you want to just paint on cardboard or paper I can teach to any desired supplies.

If you have any more questions please message me or call me to discuss options.

If you live outside the Sydney area I just need to take into account travel time and I can explain costs to you then.

Its a fun day reconnecting with thy self and it can be a nourishing time spent with special friends or colleagues. 

Before you go ahead and book in I'de love to hear from you and sort out a date first so simply message me  / email me or call me on

m:0414 894 538

When its all sorted out and you have friend's that would love to paint with me then we can book it in using this link -  all sound ok?

Great lets talk soon!