Host a Hollyeva

Host a Hollyeva

  • $500.00
Tax included.


If you would like to "Host a Hollyeva" then you are classed as the host and you host it from your home or garage or room you have.

The host doesn’t pay anything. Yep that’s right ! the host gets a freeby! The host however organises the numbers of people that will be doing the workshop.

Here are my rules :

We need a space in your home example – garage – under a car port – backyard if it’s a nice sunny day – loungeroom – but keep it mind it is messy so an outdoor undercover area is always best

You will need a minimum of 5 friends

I do have my limits and ten people is my limit. No more than 10 people.

COST is $99 per person

Duration is 4 hours – 10am til 2pm weekdays or anytime during weekends – you can contact me to organise a specific time.

What to bring?

Lets all share the the paints its so much cheaper! Below is a class list of what your tribe will share!

My workshops are intuitive. My style is designed to really free you up of any fears around painting, I am not traditional I'm more fearless and fun so if you just want to paint free with some guidance I'm your teacher.

Below is a class list of the supplies that you will need .

I cannot wait to meet with you to see what unfolds with my teachings within you. I will easily open up your creative genius and allow the paint to just flow and do its thang!

Book me in!

Hollyeva xo







2 old drop sheets per person – bed sheets are perfect from the op shop or your own linen cupboard!

Water container per person – old jar plastic cup or an old coffee mug will do

Canvas – any brand will do the size needs to be around 60cm x 90cm these prices range from $30 - $60 so call up a few places before making your purchase.

House paints – If you have 5 people coming then you will need 10 pots of water-based house paints - an assorted colour range - just choose great and fabulous colours to paint with (get the screw tops not the tin lids) Bunnings is good for house paints. The 250mls size is fine.

Spray paints – lets have some fun with these! If you have 5 ppl coming then get 10 spray cans crazy colours are good and super cheap auto is great.

Acrylic paints – 10 - 15 tubes of acrylic paints will serve 5 people. Again, the brand is up to you I like to just get an in between the low and highly prices paints. These are found in any art supply store and cost around $7 per tube. These paints make the artwork Pop with colour.

Paintbrushes – each person will need a small and a medium sized brush so perhaps get 2 packets of a mixed bag and split them up

Thin rubber gloves – these are found in Bunnings 

Wear old clothes and no jewellery – old thongs or sneakers

10 Doilies   - these are found in the op shops – these make fabulous stencils!

Oil pastels – a packet of inexpensive oil pastels these are found in art supply shops

I will bring white and black pots of paint and also white and black spray paint so don’t get these shades. I want you to get excited about colour!

SO TICK THESE OFF: when you get everything just divide the cost with your mates! It should work out to be around $50 - $80 per person


 Living out of Sydney area? If you live outside of the Sydney area you will need a mnimum 6-7 ppl because I need to cover my travel costs.

email me your interest so we can set a date :