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Host a Hollyeva
Host a Hollyeva
Host a Hollyeva
Host a Hollyeva
Host a Hollyeva
Host a Hollyeva

Im so excited to be offering you the chance to Host your own "Hollyeva Art Workshop" from your home

So how does it work exactly?

You become the host of my workshop so you host my art workshop from your home.

You may need a garage or a backyard - A space where a minimum of 5 of your friends can come on over and get messy with paints.

Being the host you will need to gather a minimum of 5 friends

Being the host you get the workshop for free

The cost for your friends is $99 per head

I can teach a maximum of 10 friends but my rule is a minimum of 5

Being the host you could offer tea / coffee / wine / nibblies this is completely up to you - the only conditions that apply is if you are out of the illawarra area you will need to contact me.

Supplies - here is what each person needs to bring when they rock up to your shack:


60cm x 90cm  canvas or closest to this size

5 cans of spray paint 

2 drop sheets bed sheets are perfect

1 Packet of paintbrushes some thick some thin

Old empty spray bottly (windex ) this will get filled with water also bring an old jar or cup for your water jar

inexpensive oil pastels

kids white chalk for a chalkboard

3 doilies from the op shop

Minimum of 10 acrylic paints - you choose your colours please make sure you have a white and a black in your mix

3-5 pots of 250 mls of house paint - you choose you colours

Wear old clothes and no jewelry.

What are we going to paint? I get this so often - you will be following my prompts and I will give you so many tools to use that your intuition will naturally get turned switch on and you will know exactly what to do.It is so much fun!