Kamaya - precious warrior

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Kamaya – meaning precious

Warrior of all things precious.

 measures 55cm x 80cm box framed in Australian oak.

Kamaya is very precious like gold

She is unchangeable because she is what she is

Battered and bruised but strong and determined

She has been through a lot

A heart shape is in her throat as a reminder to speak from the heart (the throat chakra allows you to express who you are but also listen deeply to others. 

The colour "Gold" is throughout  the painting as a symbol of what is precious

She understands what is important in life which is love and kindness

A gorgeous bird is located at the top right hand side of the painting happily nesting there

Home is sacred

She is unafraid to wear colour

She has been through a lot pain and gratefully come out the other side

She loves to wear accessories

She doesn’t need to speak all the time

She is complete

She is valued

She is worthy special and unique.


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Kamaya means "precious"