The Hour glass - Original

  • $4,100.00
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This is an original artwork on canvas this piece is called the hourglass , It is very large is in size 150cm x 120cm .

The hourglass, is often depicted as a symbol that human existence is fleeting, and that the "sands of time" will run out for every human life. It was used in the past on pirate flags, to strike fear into the hearts of the pirates' victims. To understand time is to appreciate life better. To be grateful for each day and to know that time is very precious. Live your life to fullest and live well regardless of negative view points of others.

Loaded with texture and also if you look close there is a symbol of the hourglass.

No Prints have been made this is the only piece a true one of a kind

You will receive and original artwork painted on canvas that has been sealed It is mixed media piece and it has been box framed with a flush finish in Australian oak . It is completely ready to hang onto the wall .Please message me for more images.

Price $4100 OR $410 per month over 10 months using zip pay.


 If you would like to purchase this piece and you live overseas, postage  will need to be added so please email me your interest so I can place this piece on hold for you.