Tulua - Warrior of Rising

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Tulua is so pretty bright and really beautiful!

This is an Original Artwork measuring 101cm x 76cm

Here is a little bit about Tulua and how she got her name :

As I paint these warriors I always know they are going to go to someone that needs a little piece of what she represents. Do need a little rising? Is that why your here?

To rise is to get out of bed, to rise is to stand up, to move upwards within your self. To Rise is to spread your wings and get ready to take flight

There is a pink tulip close to her mouth as if she was to start a new day caring for herself.  If you search the meaning of tulips each colour has a meaning and pink tulips are a symbol of caring and good wishes.

I don't plan these things I paint with absolute freedom in my hands and faith in my heart and then when I look up and research these meanings like the pink tulip I know she is meant for someone that is in need of her vibe. This is my intuitive process. Your here right now reading this because maybe its you that needs a little rising.

She represents having her whole day start on a positive without any conflict of negative thinking. Rise up and breathe in the Tulips. Its not as easy as you think sometimes because life can get us all down so if you find your waking up a little stressed you may want to change this thought process around, for that extra little help maybe it might be good to hang her in your bedroom so you can see her first thing  as you wake each morning.

"If your going to Rise you may as well shine."

So what is your mission? To rise or to fall? To wake up and to actually care about yourself and to fuel your mind with positive thoughts.

Do you need her is she calling your name for your wall is this you?I love the natural process of relating to art. Have a wonderful day and take care.

If you live in Australia She is ready to hang in your space and will come delivered via Courier straight to your door.

Feel free to use zip pay and have her delivered straight away fir $10 per week.


If you would like to purchase this piece and you live overseas, postage  will need to discussed the cheaper way is for me to take her off the stretcher bars and roll her up in a tube then you re frame her .So please email me your interest.