Warrior Anne

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I painted three artworks and I asked my daughter to help me name them

our daughter out of the blue said:

"wow mum I know who you have painted they are 3 paintings of the Bronte sisters"

I said what? Who are the Bronte sisters and then she started to tell me about these three poets named the Bronte sisters who were writers and poets in the 19th century.

As I researched these sisters each painting I had painted had key components that summed these 3 individual women up!

I was fascinated by our daughters intuitive response so I did go ahead and name each portrait  after the poets.

She also added that they must be a part of the warrior woman series because back in those days times were tough and these women had to falsely claim  that men wrote the poetry otherwise they would have been denied because back then. like children. women were to be seen but not heard.

The paper print is a matt print and it will come with a 4 cm white border

This also can be framed so email me if you would like this print to be profeesionally framed and couriered for $550 anywhere in Australia.