Wendy the Lioness - print

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 Her story:

This lioness has traveled a million miles and is still going. She has been battered and bruised but has come out the other side.

She is still standing strong holding her head up high with a clear conscience.

Her wounds bleed the nature that is within her soul. She is one with nature and her life has been filled with good and bad experiences. The best thing about this Lioness is that she never ever ever gave up and never stopped. She knew that she had the power to just keep moving forwards and if she did that good things would eventually come. And they did....eventually.

Green is a good healing and nurturing colour. Her wounds are healed after going through some serious shit, her scars she wears are worn with courage not so much pride but courage.

She is peaceful calm and soft. She has felt fear within her own roar and now with lessons learnt always chooses peace.

When you have been on a long enough journey like Wendy you become strong it changes you, and it toughens. Wendy can help and steer others onto a good path for she has a lot of wisdom and patience. Most of she trusts in the universe and understands that even sadness and bad endings can be looked at from a clear and different perspective.


Amanda and Myself hope you love her she is very special and we know that she will give courage to the owner who makes their purchase.

The sizes of the prints are listed in the drop tabs we are doing 2 sizes in the paper prints and two sizes in the canvas prints - the paper prints will come rolled up in a tube and the canvas prints are stretched ready to hang

They will also come couriered to your door.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston S. Churchill