About me

With huge amounts of support from my husband Matt and two children I have been an artist now for the past 15 years and I am thoroughly loving my career but I'm not going to lie, being a creative artist has its ups and downs.
I take integrity in running my business in an honest way using my creative style to paint paintings daily, but this can get really difficult because the more you know about painting and art the harder it can become!
I paint in absolute silence in my home studio. Sometimes when I feel like I need a little inspiration I will play music. I then add the paintings to my social medias and here on my website and this is how I sell them. I also get gigs selling my art in local cafes and high end home-wares and sometimes I get in contact with galleries. 
I am a lover of Ken done, Matisse, Sidney Nolan and I also adore Van Gogh, Frida kahlo , Idris Murphy , Andy Warhol and also indigenous art.
Even though each day I wake up and put on daggy clothes get covered in paint I know its a blessing.I love it all and wouldn't change a thing. Art has my devotion and I am hooked line and sinker even when things just aren't working this is the challenge, this is art, this is the desire.