About me

My name is Holly Eva and I am a full time artist

Welcome to my page!


With huge amounts of support from my husband Matt and two children I have been an artist now for the past 15 years and I am thoroughly loving my career as an artist.

I take integrity in running my business in an honest way using my creative style to paint paintings daily.

I paint in absolute silence in my home studio. Sometimes when I feel like I need a little inspiration I will play music. I then add the paintings to my social medias and here on my website and this is how I sell them. I also get gigs selling my art in local cafes and high end home-wares.

I am influenced by Ken done, Matisse, Sidney Nolan and I also adore Van Gogh, Frida kahlo , Idris Murphy , Andy Warhol and also indigenous art,.

The other part of my business is I am a teacher of intuitive art. I host workshops for corporates and for the everyday creative.I also coach to creatives online who feel "stuck" and want to learn about gaining the freedom that I  have in my work.

I love it all and wouldn't change a thing. Art has my devotion and I am hooked line and sinker.