About me

Here's a little bit about me....

My name is Holly Eva.I am named after a beach in Hawaii called Haliewa from my surfer dad Butch. I am a full time artist living on the coal coast of Wollongong.

Creating art as a contemporary expressionist intuitive painter has been my life for the past 18 years after completing my Diploma of Fine Arts in 2005.

My work distinctively celebrates bold, brave colour and expressive marks, capturing the emotions channeled into each artwork. I'm intuitive when I paint and some days are spent in silence just sitting and looking at the paintings.

Working under brilliant Australian artists has been a career highlight, and include
Amanda Penrose Hart, Idris Murphy, Jo Bertini, Elisabeth Cummings and Ross Laurie. I am also very influenced by Ken Done.

I have been a fortunate finalist in many art prizes: 2023 Petite online mini art prize curated by Mia Oatley, 2023 The Toowoomba art prize, the 2021 Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award, the 2018 Thirroul Seaside Festival (runner-up) and the 2018 Mosman Art Prize judged by Kirstin Paisley, Deputy Director, National Art Gallery of Australia. My work has featured in The Block Shop and Belle magazine, as well as solo and group exhibitions.

Currently,I’m working with Jumbled in Orange and also Circa 64 online gallery.

Each and every day I wake up, head to the studio and get covered in paint. Matisse and Ken Done are ongoing sources of inspiration that keep me painting daily, and help me embrace the challenge when a painting isn’t flowing. I disregard the rules, block out opinions and simply allow the art to respond to my soul.