About me

Here's a little bit about me....

With huge amounts of support from my husband Matt and two children I have been an artist now for the past 17 years and I still have a lot to learn the artist journey is never ending.
I'm not going to lie, being a creative artist has its ups and downs, but for some reason the paint keeps calling me back and teaches me to never give up.
I am living an hour south of Sydney, Australia and I am a full-time artist.
My first name is Holly and I use my middle name Eva as my full artist name “Holly Eva’. I was using Holly Eva Gay artist and I would get comments like “why do you only paint for gay people”,
it was quite funny to receive emails like this.
I take integrity in running my business in an honest way using my creative style to paint paintings daily, even though this can get really difficult because the more you know about painting and art the harder it can become, the mind is a funny thing.
I paint in absolute silence from my home studio. Sometimes when I feel like I need a little inspiration I will play music whilst painting. I then add the paintings to my social medias and here on my website and this is how I sell them. I also get gigs selling my art in local cafes and high end home-wares and sometimes I get in contact with galleries.
To sell my art I also invite people, friends and family to view my work in person and I don’t mind selling direct. Art teaches you so many things about yourself and one thing it has taught me is to stand proud in front of your work. It is after all my life and what I do. 
I have so many favorite inspirational artists that I am in touch with and who I follow, but there is one hero that sticks out for me and that hero is Ken Done. I love his colour and form. I’ve met him a few times and I find him to be so lovely, intelligent and above all honest.
Even though each day I wake up and  get covered in paint I know it’s a blessing to be a painter. I love it all and wouldn't change a thing.
I was told in 2004 at the age of 16 that I should stick to sport because that is what I was good at, I always yearned for art and creativity and eventually after a career in dance and running a school in 1993 I was 28, I started to paint again and haven’t looked back. Now at 45 years of age I am full time.
Art has my devotion and I am hooked line and sinker, even when things just aren't working this is the challenge, this is art, this is the desire.
"All you need to do is make it work for you, dis regard rules and opinions, make the art be the response to your soul and you wont go wrong".