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10 years ago, I painted this painting in my garage and I won't forget the feeling. I originally called this painting, peaceful knowing, then it got changed to Uluka.

At the time I realised that the owl was my spirit, totem I believe spirit totems can change with whatever it is you're going through. There was a little girl in the township of where I was living at the time and she had a rare cancer.

I put this painting up for auction and the highest bid was $500. I drove into Sydney markets gave the painting to the buyer and got the $500 cash - I didn't take any details !

I then took the $500 to this little girls parents house and suggested that they use it as petrol money to and from the hospital. They were absolutely thrilled at my generosity.

I had one thought that entered my mind and that thought process was maybe I should keep half of it and give the parents $250? At that point in time I was making absolutely no money from my art, and I could've really done with that $250.
I then couldn't even believe that that thought ran through my head as this little girl was fighting for her life, and her parents needed some support. So I gave it all and didn't give that thought any second chances.

It turned out that this painting of mine sold numerous times over for me as I was able to turn the original painting into a print. Somehow the photo in my mobile was good enough - go figure ?

Shayna blaze used this painting in a kids room on selling houses Australia. It sold out from my website and it was shipped overseas on multiple occasions.

It's a painting that lifted my career off the ground, and it felt incredible. The energy, then I believe in this painting was really somthing.
I learnt to always give because when you give freely you will get back - Uluka the owl print is all about protection as the little girl lived through her cancer and it's also about wisdom and prosperity.

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