Collection: Warrior woman

Holly Eva has been creating her "Warrior Woman" series since the early 2000s, portraying them as self-portraits. During a period of solitude at home while raising two children and with her husband working full-time, she turned to painting to express her emotions.

As a new mother feeling isolated, Holly painted wild and beautiful  women adorned with large earrings and wild flowers, each holding a powerful story. These self-portraits resonated with women who purchased them, and Holly, inspired by intuitive insights, would passionately write about each warrior's life.

Recognizing the therapeutic impact of her art, Holly Eva extended her creativity by teaching painting workshops centered around her Warrior Women series. These workshops aimed to empower participants, particularly women, offering an escape from their challenging mental head spaces.

Though she has moved on from this series, Holly Eva remains grateful for how the portraits helped her navigate the challenges of full-time motherhood and gain recognition as a painter.