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Holly Eva

Put them on the table dear.

Put them on the table dear.

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This year I have entered the NEAP national emerging art prize and this artwork is  one of my entries.

Finalists  are announced October 1st so please stay tuned if you are interested in this artwork.

 This artwork is 60 cx 60cm and is valued at $2000

As a contemporary intuitive expressionist painter, I find my creative pulse through vibrant colors and the elegance of minimalism.

My artistic journey is inspired by the brilliance of Matisse, resonating with the essence of his mastery. I also love and adore Ken Done.

Having had the privilege to work under the guidance of luminaries like Idris Murphy, Elisabeth Cummings, Amanda Penrose Hart, and Ross Laurie, I've cultivated a rich tapestry of influences that have helped me in shaping my unique artistic voice.

My work seeks to weave emotions into the canvas, inviting viewers to stop look and explore the intersections of my marks, and my nature of spontaneity.

With every stroke, I aim to translate the raw energy of my inner world onto the canvas, creating a dialogue between intuition and expression.

My aspiration lies in sharing the profound love and joy that art brings me along with its challenges.

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