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Uluka the Owl has flown into the hearts of many bringing them prosperity and wisdom. I was once a struggling artist making no money,  I auctioned the original Uluka to raise money for my friends daughter who was desperately trying to fight a rare cancer. Uluka raised $500 and this finance was used as fuel money to my friend for 5 weeks straight in and out of Sydney hospitals. My friend's daughter is stable and has beaten her cancer!

I now sell Uluka worldwide and she has brought so much good karma to my life as a full time artist. It was this owl that gave me recognition as an artist and I know wherever you hang Uluka this Owl will also look after you and bring about a certain energy for you too. 

Uluka is famous and worldwide, still to this very day she is my number one seller, so if you do make your purchase be prepared for some really good vibes!


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